State Income Taxes

Please note as of January 1, 2024 the Warren County Offices of the Commissioner of the Revenue and the Treasurer are no longer accepting or processing VA quarterly estimated tax and state income tax filings or the payments for each of the tax filings.

All estimated and income tax filings and payments that we receive are now re-mailed directly to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

In addition, the Commissioner of the Revenue Office is unable to offer the option of eFiling income tax returns as we no longer have the IT support of the Drake tax software used to process and eFile tax returns.

Tax Forms

To obtain State Tax Forms online, please visit the Virginia Tax website.

Annual forms and schedules are available on the Virginia Tax website.

Federal forms are available online at the IRS website.



  • Virginia Department of Taxation’s website  for various online methods to file and/or pay your bill.
  • The VA Dept of Taxation recommends that all returns be processed online for quicker refunds.  Please keep a copy of the return for your records.
  • NOTE: The state requires you to file electronically if any installment payment of estimated tax exceeds $1,500 or total income tax liability for the year exceeds $6,000.

By Mail

State Income Tax return with a balance due (760-PMT)

Virginia Department of Taxation
PO Box 760
Richmond VA 23218-0760

State Income Tax return with refund or $0 (no refund or balance due)

Virginia Department of Taxation
PO Box 1498
Richmond VA 23218-1498

Estimated Tax (760-ES) 

Virginia Department of Taxation
PO Box 1478
Richmond VA 23218-1478

Payment after tax return has been filed (760-PMT)

Virginia Department of Taxation
PO Box 1478
Richmond VA 23218-1478

Tax Return Refund

If you file your State Income Tax Return on paper, it may take longer to issue your refund. Returns filed electronically will be processed at least 50% quicker than those returns filed on paper.

  • Online Lookup - Check your Individual income tax refund status using our online application.
  • Phone Lookup - Call 804-367-2486. With a touch-tone phone, you can check the status of your refund 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Debt Collection - Did you receive a partial refund? Learn about the Virginia Setoff Debt Collection Act and the U.S. Department of Treasury Offset Program (TOP).
  • Unclaimed Property - Did you not receive a past refund? To learn more about collecting unclaimed property, you can visit the Virginia Treasury's Unclaimed Property Program.
  • Federal Income Tax Return Information

New Live Chat Services give taxpayers fast online help from the tax department. See the Virginia Tax website for more information.