Online Records Access

Warren County is currently providing restricted remote access to our land records. Pursuant to the provisions of Virginia Code Section 17.1-292, et seq. and the standards developed by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, our court is in compliance with the requirements of the Security Standard for Restricted Remote Access to Documents on Court-Controlled Websites. Warren County's Land records available through remote access range from 1836 through the present.

The qualifications to obtain remote access to our records are:

Information for accessing the website to view documents:

  • You need Windows 95 or later and version 5.5 or higher of Internet Explorer.
  • To view images, you must install and register a plug-in TIFF image viewer known as AlternaTIFF.
  • Circuit Court Secure Remote Access to Land Records website.
  • Please read the disclaimer and using this system.
  • Select Records Management System.
  • Select Login.
  • Enter your User Name and Password (in lower case letters and/or numbers).
  • When you are finished, please complete the LOGOUT procedures as directed on the website.

The contact for user fee(s) information and assignment of a User Name and Password is: Angie Moore, Clerk of Court, at 540-635-2435 or email Angie Moore.