The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is entrusted with the investigation of major criminal offenses which violate the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. These major criminal offenses extend from serious misdemeanors to high-profile felonies. Our investigators are specially trained to properly recognize, document, collect, and preserve items of physical evidence found at crime scenes. Our specialization in this division include:

  • Sexual Offenses and Child-related Crimes: Prioritizing the protection and thorough investigation of the most vulnerable members of our community.
  • Property and Monetary Offenses: Covering burglary, larceny, and other theft and other related offenses.
  • Arson: Working in conjunction with members of the Warren County Fire Marshal’s Office to investigate the origin and cause of fire related crimes.
  • Violent Felonies: Taking on all major incidents like homicides and robberies.
  • Death Investigations: Investigating thoroughly any untimely death related to natural causes, accidental, suicide, or homicide.

 Our CID members also collaborate with the Northern Virginia/DC Metro Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. In these investigations we take a proactive approach to apprehend individuals who solicit and exploit our children online for lascivious intent.

Supporting our division is a dedicated Crime Analyst, overseeing administrative roles, case management, statistical analysis, research, and in-depth criminal insight. Our crime analyst plays a pivotal role in assisting our investigators with gaining intelligence for all active and cold cases.

Also, a part of our CID division is the Northwest Regional Drug and Gang Task Force. Within this specialized assignment consists of three committed Investigators who work in conjunction with other members of the task force from varying local, state, and federal agencies. Their main concentration is to actively pursue those groups or individuals who manufacture, distribute, or sell illegal narcotics. It is also their mission to investigate any gang related activity throughout the task force region as well.

Strengthening our mission, CID fosters close collaborations with a multitude of local and federal agencies to help bolster our investigations for successful outcomes. This helps in the successful prosecution of those who violate the law. Some of these agencies include the Department of Social Services, Front Royal Police Department, Virginia State Police, Warren County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, and several federal counterparts.

For individuals with pertinent details regarding an ongoing case or investigation, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division directly at 540-635‑7100. Your contribution plays a pivotal role in our community's growth and the safety of the citizens and visitors of Warren County.