Dr. Seide Memorial Botanical Gardens

Seide Garden: The Heart of Warren County's Outdoor Recreation

Nestled amidst the vastness of Warren County's lush greenery lies the captivating Seide Garden, spread across 3.5 acres of natural wonder. This serene retreat, conveniently located next to the Raymond E Santmyers Youth Center, acts as a harmonious bridge connecting Lions Park and Gertrude E Miller Park.

Top Features

  • Warren County Splash Pad: Dive into fun and frolic with the park's most popular attraction.
  • Fishing Delight: Anglers, rejoice! The park boasts a dedicated fishing platform granting seamless access to the vibrant Happy Creek.
  • Upcoming Addition: Stay tuned for the new shelter, graciously sponsored by the former Avtex employees, that's set to enhance the park's utility and charm.
  • A Tribute to Dedication: Established in 1968, Seide Garden was dedicated in 1996 to honor Doctor Saul H. Seide. His unwavering dedication to crafting beautiful gardens and pioneering park facilities has immensely enriched our community.

Discover a world of relaxation, recreation, and natural beauty from dawn to dusk at Seide Garden.

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Platform by Creek
Bench by Path and Flowers