Vehicle Assessments

Assessments are based on clean trade-in values from the January issue of the NA.D.A. (National Automotive Dealers Association) guide.

Example Tax Year 2020:

  • 2021 model vehicles not in book - 95% of original cost
  • 2020 model vehicles - 90% of original cost
    • Note: Original Cost based on price that sales tax is calculated on per the Division of Motor Vehicles records.
  • Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans - NA.D.A. Official Used Car Guide (years 2013-2020)
  • Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans - NA.D.A. Official Older Used Car Guide (years 2001-2012)
  • Motorcycles - NA.D.A. Guide (Clean Wholesale Value) (years 2001-2020)
  • Recreation Vehicles - (i.e. travel trailers, pop-up campers, motor homes) (Trade-In Value) (years 2006-2020)
  • Boats, Boat Motors, Boat Trailers - NA.D.A. Appraisal Guide (2006-2020)