Mobile Homes

In 2022, the tax rate for Mobile Homes in Warren County is $0.655, while the rate for the Town of Front Royal is $0.13.

Single Wide Mobile Homes

Single-wide mobile homes are generally taxed as Personal Property in Warren County. Owners are required to file Form 762MH by February 15 each year. Failure to file by the due date will result in a late filing penalty.

Double Wide Mobile Homes

Double-wide mobile homes are typically taxed as Real Estate. However, there are exceptions - for instance when a double wide is in a Mobile Home Park, it's taxed as Personal Property.


Mobile homes are taxed similarly to Real Estate, with the rate determined per square foot and varying based on the year and condition of the home. Warren County conducts a General Reassessment every four years on all Real Estate properties, including mobile homes. The values determined in this reassessment remain the same until the next reassessment.

The Warren County Board of Supervisors has contracted with Pearson Appraisal to conduct the 2023 General Reassessment, which began in 2021 and will be effective from January 1, 2023.