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Officers of Election - Help Warren County Vote!

The Warren County Electoral Board is responsible for appointing officers in the county that assist voters at all polling locations during both early voting and election day.

We are honored to work with many dedicated individuals that serve Warren County Voters every election. Anyone who is interested in joining our team may complete the Officers of Election Interest Form or stop by our office to learn more. 

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding your duties as an Officer of Election:

How will I serve on Election Day?

Individual roles at polling locations vary depending on needs and other officer availability. Some examples of your responsibilities include: 

  • Greeter
  • Pollbook Officer
  • Ballot Officer
  • Voting Equipment & Booth Officer
  • Chief Officer
  • Assistant Chief Officer

How do I qualify?

The first step is completing an application to serve. An Officer of Election must also be a qualified voter of the Commonwealth in addition to completing an application.

Will I get training?

Yes. All Officers of Election will be trained before Election Day.

How long do I serve?

Per the Code of Virginia appointments are for a term not to exceed 3 years. 

Will I be paid?

Yes. Officers of Election also have the option to serve as unpaid volunteers if they so choose.

Apply Today!

Thank you for your willingness to serve as an Officer of Election in Warren County. Please apply using the methods listed below:

  • You may apply online through the Virginia Department of Elections Interest Form.
  • You may apply in-person at the Warren County Office of Elections & Voter Registration located at 465 W. 15th Street, Suite 800, Front Royal, VA 22630.