2025 General Reassessment

The Warren County Board of Supervisors has contracted with Cowan Services LLC to conduct the 2025 General Reassessment. Reassessments occur every 2 years, with the last one taking effect in 2023.

Property owners will receive updated assessment notices with new property values for tax purposes in the Fall of the 2024 year

Appealing Your Assessment

When the reassessment notices are mailed out, you have the option to appeal the new assessment.

If you still disagree with your assessment, you can appeal to the Board of Equalization. Missed hearings can be appealed to the Warren County Circuit Court per Section 58.1-3350 of the Virginia Code.

Contact Us

Questions about the 2025 reassessment can be directed via:

  • Phone: 540-635-3184 or 540-635-2651
  • Fax: 540-636-8280
  • Email