Boards & Commissions

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Airport Commission 

229 Stokes Airport Road
Front Royal, VA 22630

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cook, Vicky L. Board of Supervisors Representative      
Kosubinsky, Paul Commission Member      
Roe, Sean Commission Member      
Roko, Kenneth Commission Member      
Smith, Jr., John Commission Member      
Snider, Jacob "Jake" Airport Superintendent 540-303-7580  

Board of Supervisors 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cullers, Cheryl L. Chair, South River District 540-635-2360  
Butler, Jerome K. "Jay" Vice Chair, Happy Creek District 609-254-8833  
Cook, Vicky L. Member, Fork District 703-626-9242  
Stanmeyer, John W. Member, Shenandoah District    
Jamieson, Dr. Richard A. Member, North River District    

Community Policy and Management Team 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Acker, Denise Northwestern Community Services Representative   540-636-2931  
Cullers, Cheryl Warren County Board of Supervisors Representative   540-635-2360  
Martz, Jon Social Services Director   540-635-3430, ext. 3370  
McDonald, Shamika Warren County Public Schools Representative   540-635-2171  
Shirley, Leea Lord Fairfax Health District Representative   540-722-3480  
Stallings, Jerry Department of Juvenile Justice Representative   540-667-5770  

Development Review Committee 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Beahm, David Warren County Building Official    
Boyce, Bobby Virginia Department of Transportation    
Boyer, Robbie Town of Front Royal Public Works Director    
Davis, Jim Warren County Health Department    
Foster, Niki Chamber of Commerce    
Kopishke, Lauren Town of Front Royal Planning Director    
Logan, Taryn Warren County Deputy County Administrator    
Maiatico, Gerry Warren County Fire and Rescue    
Petty, Joe Warren County Director of Economic Development    
Smith, Matt Virginia Department of Transportation    
Wendling, Matt Warren County Planning Director    

Finance / Audit Committee 

220 N Commerce Avenue
Suite 700
Front Royal, VA 22630


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bergida, James Citizen Representative      
Johnson, Kathleen Citizen Representative      
Mathews, Leslie Citizen Representative      
Robertson, Matt Finance Director   540-636-1604  
Sours, Sherry Commissioner of Revenue   540-635-2651  
Spiker, Jamie Treasurer   540-635-2215, ext. 252  

Parks & Recreation Commission 

538 Villa Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lucas, Kim At-Large Member      
Cressel, Mike Front Royal Midget Football League Representative      
Look, Robert Warren County Girls Softball      
Brady, Steve Vice Chair   540-635-1021  
Butler, Jerome "Jay" Board of Supervisors Representative   540-635-1021  
Lucas, Kim At-Large Member   540-635-1021  
Kissinger, Carolyn At-Large Member   540-635-1021  
Lenz, Daniel Chairman/Director of Parks and Recreation    
Lewis-Haffer, LeAnn Warren County Youth Cheerleading Association Representative   540-635-1021  
Look, Robert Warren County Girls Little League Softball Representative   540-635-1021  
Sackett, Joe Front Royal Soccer Association Representative   540-635-1021  
Cressel, Michael Front Royal Midget Football Representative   540-635-1021  
Settle, Donna Front Royal Cardinals Baseball Representative   540-635-1021  
Smelser, Roger Front Royal Little League Representative   540-635-1021  
Smith, Buck Warren County Public Schools   540-635-1021  
Walker, Tiffany Parks and Recreation Representative   540-635-1021  
Wells, Jim At-Large Member   540-635-1021  
Wilson, Stacey At-Large Member   540-635-1021  

Planning Commission 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Myers, Robert E. Chairman, Happy Creek District    
Henry, Hugh B. Vice Chairman, Fork District    
Kersjes, Scott North River District    
Richardson, Kaylee South River District    
Gordon, William Shenandoah District