Automobile Decal Fees or New Purchase

A County decal must be purchased from the Warren County Treasurer's Office for each vehicle located in the County.  Decals are now permanent and fees for these decals will now be included on your first half personal property tax bill due on June 5th.  All personal property must be paid before new permanent decals can be purchased.

To transfer a decal to another vehicle, a portion of the old decal must be presented either from a Warren County decal or another county in Virginia.  Transfers must be completed within 30 days after the purchase of a vehicle.

Decal fees are shown below: 

Decal Fees
  Cars & Trucks   $30.00
  Motorcycles   $15.00
  Trailers over 1,500 gross weight     $15.00
  Transfers   $2.00
  Disabled Veteran   Free (1)  
  Prisoner of War   Free (1)
  National Guard   $10.00

In December 2017, Virginia State Police released a memo stating Virginia state inspection stickers will no longer be affixed to the bottom center of a vehicle’s windshield. The state inspection stickers will be placed in the bottom left corner of the windshield (in front of the driver’s seat). The relocation stems from automobile manufacturers now offering crash avoidance technology in many of their vehicles. In such vehicles, the new technology utilizes the center of the windshield. Therefore the placement of items in that area, including stickers, could prevent crash avoidance systems from operating properly. As a result, the Warren County vehicle decals will also be relocating to the bottom left corner of the windshield to the immediate right of the inspection sticker when viewed from inside the vehicle as shown below:

DECAL IMG 3920 3

In April, the Warren County Treasurer’s Office will be mailing replacement County decals to the citizens of the County who live outside Town limits as part of the first-half 2018 tax bills. As vehicles are inspected throughout 2018, the Virginia inspection stickers will be placed in the new location in front of the driver’s seat. Residents may ask the individual at the inspection station to place the County decal in its new location at the same time as the Virginia inspection sticker is placed. These new County decals must be placed in the new location by December 31, 2018.

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