Conditional Use Permits

What is a "Conditional Use Permit"?
A "Conditional Use Permit" is necessary when a particular use requires a higher level of review than one permitted as a matter of right. Such uses may or may not be appropriate for a particular site, even though the zoning may be appropriate.

What do you mean?
Let’s say you own property zoned for business use. You decide you want to start an automobile painting business. If the property is in an area generally in use for other similar businesses, your proposal may be appropriate; however, if the property is near a subdivision or next to a school, it may not be considered appropriate due to the possible impact of odors and noise. Alternatively, if these problems can be reduced through conditions of approval (using screening and buffering, for example), the use may still be approved.

How do I apply for a "Conditional Use Permit"?
Come to the Planning Department to get an application form and to check the Zoning Map with the staff. After you fill out the forms and pay the application fee, the staff will review the request and make a recommendation. Then the application is sent on to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors for public hearings and a decision.

When the Planning Commission holds their public hearing on your request, this is your chance to tell them why your request is appropriate for your specific site. They’ll also allow your neighbors to comment on the application. The Commission only makes a recommendation, and will forward their recommendation to the Board. This can be for approval, approval subject to conditions, or denial. The Board of Supervisors will also hold a public hearing, and they will make the decision regarding the request. Again, this can be for approval, approval with conditions, or denial. What do I need to apply?

  • An application, providing all requested information and filling out all forms.
  • A plat (a recorded drawing) of the subject property.
  • A sketch plan of the subject property, showing the boundaries, topography, and proposed buildings, among other things.
  • A statement of justification.
  • An environmental and community impact statement if applicable (check with the staff).
  • The necessary fee (check with the staff).
  • And any other information deemed necessary in reviewing the application.

Where do I apply, and when?
Applications are filed by 12:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month with:

Warren County Planning Department
220 North Commerce Avenue
Suite 400
Front Royal, Virginia 22630

The Planning staff will be glad to assist you at any time. It helps to schedule a meeting with the staff prior to applying for the Conditional Use Permit. We can assist you in filling out the forms, answering the questions, and understanding the procedure. We will also be available throughout the time the request is being processed. If you have any questions please come to the Planning Department at 220 North Commerce Avenue, or call (540) 636-3354.

  (540) 636-4600
  (540) 636-6066
  220 N. Commerce Avenue
     Front Royal, VA 22630

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